Melting on the couch

I am currently based in the in-patient psychiatry ward of Waikato Hospital and have seen far too
many drug-induced psychoses over the past few weeks.
This brought to mind this 2012 series by Washington based artist Bryan Lewis Saunders, who created the below
images while under the influence of various (illicit) drugs.
These pictures are definitely worth a thousand words when it comes to illustrating the oftentimes grim
and disturbing effect of these substances on your mind.
As they say, “Hugs not Drugs”

AmbienImageBath Salts

ImageCrystal Meth


Morphine IV


Butane Honey Oil

ImageCephalexinImageG13 marijuanaImageRisperdolImageAdderallImagexanaxImageGeodonImageHashImageAbsintheImageLoritabImageDilaudidImageAbilifyImagePsilocybin mushroomsImageTrazadoneImageMarijuanaImageHaloperidolImage

Paper embroidery


These prints by Emily Barletta can only be fully appreciated upon close inspection, whereby
the intricate and precise outlines are revealed to be hand-stitched into the paper medium.
I’m in awe of the patience and dedication required to make something so detailed and illusory.
Perhaps on a rainy day I will attempt it myself, although I don’t imagine the results to be as stunning.



If in that Syrian garden, ages slain,
You sleep, and know not you are dead in vain,
Nor even in dreams behold how dark and bright
Ascends in smoke and fire by day and night
The hate you died to quench and could but fan,
Sleep well and see no morning, son of man

– Alfred Edward Housman